27 inches high x 33 inches wide x 13 inches deep

Bronze or Stainless Steel on marble base

Limited edition of 6 each


15 inches high x 29 inches wide x 17 inches deep

Bronze or Stainless Steel

Limited edition of 6 each


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   This sculpture early on had a distinctive voice and I soon came to know it was connected to the legend of the Selkie's. Of all symbols for the free soul, one of the most beautiful is the seal. There is a legend told across the world sometimes called Seal Maiden, Selkie, Roane, Pamrauk, or Soulskin. In Celtic and Iniut mythology, tales are told of seals who shed their skins and for short times live as humans. There are both females and male Selkie.

    The most common legend tells of a hunter that finds a seal madin dancing on a moonlit beach. He steals the shed skin, making her unable to change back to seal form, and forces her to become his wife. Her isolated soul withers away until she discovers her sealskin, and is then renewed when she returns to the ocean.

    The analogues contained in each story explain difficult truths about life. Life opens into an existence that is sometimes painful and unfair. Returning to the souls innate spirit is one of the prime sources for healing and fulfillment.

    The sculpture "Soulskin" represents the Selkie's sealskin, and symbolizes the free soul's embracing spirit. The exterior speckled grays and greens depict the seal, a symbol for our incredibly beautiful but sometimes heartless world. The interior flowing blues reflect the ocean, a symbol for renewal, healing, and enlightenment.

6 feet high x 3 feet wide x 2 feet deep.

Bronze on marble base.

Limited edition of 1