About Sculpture

      While watching the sun set onto forested mountains, I try to expereince the moment fully. Letting my thoughts fill with the unique beauty after a day of collecting, I endevor to bring these inspiring memories home. For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for nature. My university studies in art and ecology only deepened my connectionwith, and reverence for, this beautiful planet. Through pieces I create as an artist, I strive to reveal this insight, and give others that same cense of wonderment.

     The years following college felt somehow unfulfilled. Though I found twenty-five years in solar energy (wind-electric turbines), and custom home construction interesting, I sought out many hours as I could for relief carving. During this period I was hired by the California State Architect to carve forty-eight corbels for the Hearst Castle i  San Simeon, California. One day after work, sitting atop a coastal peak, I thought about my future. An imaginary line connecting the moments of joy in my life seemed always to match up with the times when I was artistically inspired. The life I sought laid on that line, and it revealed a gratifying path.

     Soon after that decision, while exploring the deep forests of the Northwest, I came across a rare form of Ponderosa Pine, nick named Millennium. I saw in these trees the perfect medium for expressing my artistic goals. Leaving relief carving behind, I began to sculpt. The themes became organic abstract, and after two years honing my technique working this difficult medium, I began exhibiting sculpture in 1996.

    Every few years I put together a collecting expedition to the Northwest, and return to my home on the Central Coast of California. In this way, my creative process truly begins in the forest where I personally collect each piece of wood, an ancient form of Krummholz Ponderosa Pine. Upon sculpting through the often hundred years to an inch ring pattern, I expose the tree's thousand year history. The finished sculpture looks naturally formed, but a closer look will reveal where I have merged artistic composition and the elegant symmetries found in the twisted patterns of the wood. Since a tree's ring pattern is only exposed by sculpting. you can follow where I have followed grain and color. And because I integrate the unique forms in each piece of wood, every sculpture is truly one-of-a-kind. During the sculpting process I heat-treat the unfinished sculpture, ensuring eradication of any incidental pests. I some cases, molds are taken from the more interesting shapes and cast in metal.

    Six years ago I took a job at Lockheed Martin building UAV's(Desert Hawk and Fury), but I am continuing to sculpt after work and on weekends. It can take hundreds of hours to perfect a medium-sized sculpture, and my production is now limited to only a handful of finished pieces each year.

    Just as viewing clouds evoke thoughts different to each viewer and impart an appreciation of nature, it is my wish these sculptures will do the same, connecting us all, through art, to each other and our amazing world.

PO Box 7059, Los Osos, CA 93412